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TRIAS: Guidance in the workplace

About the TRIAS Project

The Erasmus+ project TRIAS - guidance in the workplace: involving employers, reaching low-qualified develops an innovative approach to guidance by combining outreach guidance work with employers’ involvement. The project focuses on strengthening the competences of guidance practitioners to successfully reach out to the workforce, especially to the low-qualified as one of the most important target groups in adult education.


Why? The rationale

Since continuing education and training are of unprecedented importance in knowledge societies, workplace guidance has to raise awareness for guidance and lifelong learning, as well as to provide low-threshold access to guidance services for the employed directly at the place where vocational and educational choices matter most – in the workplace.


Introducing the TRIAS approach to guidance in the workplace

To develop the TRIAS approach of workplace guidance, the project integrates two already existing ways of promoting education and training in the workplace:

  • Qualification consulting targeting companies
  • Career guidance targeting employees

The TRIAS approach to providing guidance in the workplace includes the company as a relevant actor in the guidance process. Thereby, TRIAS guidance practitioners act in the relational triangle of guidance users, companies and the practitioners themselves.

The inclusion of companies poses a challenge for the more familiar and well-established user-practitioner relationships. Guidance practitioners not only have to gain access to employers, but also know about business models and human resource development strategies in order to be able to take the employer’s perspective into account. The TRIAS project prepares guidance practitioners for these new challenging tasks.



The TRIAS project focuses directly on the target group of guidance practitioners and adult educators. In order to be able to offer services in the field of workplace guidance, they require additional know-how and competences.



The TRIAS project compiles a text book for self-study purposes and develops a training programme, both targeting guidance practitioners who want to offer guidance in the workplace.



The project is carried out in the EU partner countries Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Slovenia. In each partner country, there will be a pilot workshop, testing the curriculum (except in Denmark) and multiplier events fostering the dialogue with policy makers and other stakeholders in the field of guidance, adult education and labour market policy.


Project duration: 01.11.2015 - 31.10.2017