the world of labour in motion

We provide quality services for the world of work
As an innovative service and consulting company, we meet socio-political challenges in the areas of labour market, employment, education, health and equality. We advise, guide, moderate, design and conduct research on behalf of public and private clients and work with them on forward-looking, sensible solutions. 

We are guided by objectives and results
We work in multi-professional, nationally and internationally networked teams and are guided by the objectives of our clients and funding bodies. Our services are of high quality, and we provide them enthusiastically, reliably and efficiently. We measure our success by the results we achieve for our customers and clients. 

We promote empowerment, diversity and innovation
We design consultation processes in a resource-oriented way. This empowers our customers and enhances their scope of decision-making and action. We are constantly evolving and expanding our expertise and innovating our projects. For that, employees and company are jointly responsible.

The people who cooperate in our projects hail from diverse backgrounds, be it country of origin, age, gender or lifestyle, with or without disabilities. We value them all for their diversity and support them developing their potential. Dealing with clients, customers and funding bodies and inside the team, we put great emphasis on clear and fair conditions, sustainability, reliability and transparent communication.

We strive for a sustainable corporate development
The management team at ÖSB Consulting is committed to a business policy focusing on long-term profitability and healthy growth within the ÖSB group of companies. Against this background, we make our decisions carefully and balance the interests of all stakeholders.