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TRIAS: Guidance in the workplace

Project Partners

Peter Plant

Dr Peter Plant has worked in the field of careers education and counselling since 1974 in schools, higher education institutions and the employment service in Denmark. He has acted as a researcher and consultant for the Commission of the European Communities (Bruxelles), currently as an external expert for the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN); for the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP, Berlin & Thessaloniki); for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Dublin); for OECD, Paris; for the Danish Employers' Organisation (DA, Copenhagen), and for private publishers specialised in educational and vocational guidance. Until recently he has been an Associate Professor at the University of Aarhus (DPU, Copenhagen). He is engaged in research in educational and vocational guidance and training, both nationally and at a European level. Thus, he has worked as a researcher in Europe in numerous EU-projects, and as a trainer of guidance staff in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Australia, and the USA, in a number of cases in the capacity of a Visiting Professor. He is former vice-president for the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance, IAEVG, and holds several awards in the guidance field, including a life-long honorary membership of the Swedish Guidance Association.

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Peter Plant

bbb Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung

bbb - Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung (Office for Vocational Education Planning) was founded 1993 in Dortmund. The main pillars of the organisations’ work are research, guidance and training, which are covered by an interdisciplinary team of pedagogues, sociologists, guidance counsellors and educational practitioners.
The main fields of activity are: human resources and organisational development, educational guidance with a focus on competence development (learning guidance concept), vocational and workplace-oriented training for low-qualified personnel, research on effects of publicly founded educational guidance programmes on individuals and organisations, work-oriented learning and learn-friendly work environments, developments and trends in society and the world of work (e.g. fragmented professional careers, educational and employment perspectives for low-qualified persons, demographic change, civil society activism).
As key intermediary, bbb implements a number of research and development projects and scientific coverage of these topics, provides policy-makers with guidelines and concepts, and is actively pursuing studies and guidance and training programmes in order to further gain expertise and professional insight. Workshop facilitation and coaching of individuals and organisations are also a part of their portfolio.
Research, training and guidance are also offered to other educational organisations, private enterprises and public institution who wish to implement structural changes. With a systemic approach and both theoretical and practical expertise they are actively pursuing academic research and hands-on implementation. The outcomes are designed in dialogue with the partners, and also jointly implemented and documented.
Research and development to improve training participation of low-qualified persons and establishing guidance-oriented learning settings are a special priority for bbb. Bbb has in the last years broadened its expertise and competencies by implementing a number of projects, and has further improved visibility and professional standing in the field.

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Rosemarie Klein

Andragoški zavod Maribor - Ljudska univerza

Adult education centre Maribor (AZM-LU) is a public institution for education of adults founded by the municipality of the city of Maribor. The centre provides a wide variety of programmes, mostly for adults. They are the sole provider of elementary school education in the local community. AZM-LU is also certified by the national ministry of education as providers of 13 publicly recognized educational programmes, and has a study centre of two faculties.  They provide programmes  for institutionalized education (financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and The European Social Fund), such as Special Programme for the Roma Ethnic Group., as well as guidance and certification for those who wish to obtain The National Vocational Qualification.
AZM-LU provides a broad variety of courses in the field of adult education. There is also a Self-Learning Centre which offers many (free of charge) learning opportunities. They also host the regional Maribor Guidance Centre which helps individuals make better educational choices by providing a comprehensive information and guidance. Since 2008 the centre is a part of a large-scale consortium project Lifelong Learning Centre which along with guidance also includes many workshops, promotional activities, partner cooperation etc. Since 2001 they are the only local provider of the Project Learning for Young Adults programme for early school leavers. The centre also provides informal programmes such as study circles, various workshops, literacy programmes for adults (Learning for Successful Living).
AZM-LU carries out diverse international projects and is a reliable partner on the local, national and international level. As the only local public institution for adult education and increasingly also for adult learning, they pay special attention to vulnerable social groups. They provide the widest spectrum of educational opportunities for the Roma. Each year they adopt a special coordinative role as a local coordinator for the annual Lifelong Learning Week. They are also active as a University of the Third Age, providing educational opportunities for seniors. Due to successful application to a public call for proposals by the Slovenian Ministry of Education Science and Sport and the European Social Fund, they provide a number of informal educational programmes (3 of them for the Roma). They are also cooperating with the Ministry of the Interior by carrying out a publicly recognized programme Initial Integration of Migrants.

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Alenka Sagadin Mlinari?



ERUDICIO is an independent non-governmental public benefit organisation which supporting human resource development, education, science and research focused primarily on law and its impact. ERUDICIO is a foundation fund managed by a board of directors. It has experts from different fields in a core team and it is ready to expand its project team to include other necessary experts for specific tasks. Each project in which ERUDICIO participates is led by the project leader or coordinator who is directly accountable to board of directors.    
ERUDICIO participates on European as well as national projects.  In the past it was involved in projects focused on predictive models of pension systems and also a pro-ject which was promoting coordination on the transferability of welfare benefits within a cluster of EU social security institutes. Its knowledge leads in areas closely related to the responsibilities and specialisations performed under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. While in lasts couples of years the main knowledge was build on the work towards social systems and pension reform, experts incorporated on board in last year have broad experience in the area of the labour market, educational system and guidance.
ERUDICIO is co-operating on regular base with universities, mainly with the West Bo-hemia University and foreign partners as Fondazione G. Brodoliny (Italy). The biggest clients in the country are Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Czech Social Security Administration, National Social Security Institute (Italy).

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Jarmila Modra


ÖSB Consulting

ÖSB Consulting GmbH is a leading consultancy company in Austria in the field of labour market and educational policies. ÖSB provides programme implementation and consultancy services in the fields of social, labour market and educational policy, EU structural funds, human resource development, entrepreneurship, individual client-based career guidance, organisation-based qualification consulting for enterprises and organisational change.
Clients include government institutions, public employment services, private companies (particulary SMEs), non-profit organisations and international organisations such as the European Commission (DG EMPL and DG JUST) and the World Bank. Final beneficiaries include entrepreneurs, start-ups, one-person businesses, NEETS, youth, students, unemployed and employed persons or persons who are health-wise affected.
The company was founded in 1982 and has eight regional offices in Austria as well as a branch office in Bucharest, Romania and draws on a permanent staff of more than 250 highly qualified experts. We are accredited under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard and in our service provision we apply strict quality management principles based on these standards.
ÖSB operates nationally and internationally and has extensive experience in implementing projects in Austria as well as throughout Europe which made it a recognised and respected project partner all over the continent. Therewith ÖSB distinguishes itself by having extensive national as well as international experiences. ÖSB is well integrated and linked in the range of national labour market, entrepreneurship and education actors. In turn, results elaborated, enriched and further developed in the European context can be well reintegrated and disseminated within the groups of national stakeholders.
ÖSB has extensive and long-term experience in organisation- and client-based guidance counselling, as well as in managing and implementing international projects.

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Rudolf Götz