About us


Who we are

Over 30 years, ÖSB Consulting has grown into a team of 250 employees. In 27 locations in Austria and Romania, experts, consultants, case managers, project managers, organisers and executives provide consulting services that deal with labour market and social policy issues. We also advise European institutions.


What we care about

Society, economy and labour market are changing constantly and ever faster. We respond to emerging problems with curiosity and interest. Together with our clients and customers, we develop innovative concepts, pilot projects, counselling programmes and services, which we also implement efficiently and successfully — like the start-up programme of the Public Employment Service Austria (Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich, AMS), training alliances for businesses, the AMS flexibility counselling for businesses, youth counselling programmes and European knowledge transfer projects.

What we can do

We translate labour market problems into solutions for people and businesses and address future social challenges.

We are experts in providing advice and support to our customers: public sector clients, businesses, employees and job seekers. We work cross-functionally with regional and international networks.

Our track record consists of a multitude of successful projects in the following clusters of expertise:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Policies
  • Labour Market Strategies & Research
  • Lifelong Guidance
  • Talent & Health
  • Youth & Employment


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